About the Fam

All about my family:

This is Cory Lafferty, aka my husband. We actually met in high school, waaaaay back in 1997. I thought he was cute. He 'taught' me to play pool. We were together from then on. He was a senior; I was a junior. He left and went to Kansas State University. I subsequently went to the University of Kansas. We got engaged labor day weekend of 2001. We got married on June 15, 2002. We traveled to Australia for a month (still one of our biggest adventures). We are now settled in a suburb of Kansas City. He does stuff with computers for his job (I don't know what exactly, no matter how many times he's told me.)

Molly is our first daughter, born in May 2007. She is extremely chatty. Her little brain comes up with some hilarious stuff. She loves all things princess. She is also a fan of Dora, swimming, riding her bike, and playing outside. She love mac-n-cheese, but is a snob about it. She does not like the regular Kraft. She prefers, above all others, Dad's special homemade mac-n-cheese, a close second is Noodles & Company's mac-n-cheese. She is a fabulous big sister and absolutely loves her baby sister. She also has her own web site, kept up-to-date by Dad: www.mollylafferty.com.

Charlotte is our baby daughter. Born in February 2010, she is very different from her older sister. She's adventurous. She loves to climb stairs, though walking is still a challenge. She can eat with the best of them. She adores her hair blowing in the wind. She loves her baby dolls and her kitty blankie. She loves watching Molly, but after a short time, has to be included with whatever is going on. She, of course, has her own web site, also kept up by Dad: www.charlottelafferty.com.