About Me

What do you need to know about me?:

I am Amy Lafferty, a 32-year-old mom to two small girls. (It's kind of amazing that has become my go-to description of myself.) But, I am by no means Donna Reed. In fact, domesticity is not my strong suit. I don't cook. I don't garden. I don't sew. I do clean, but only because messes drive me nuts. However, with two small children, I often am driven nuts anyway, because, well, who can keep up the clean with a 2-year-old and 5-year-old?
With Molly and Charlotte after Running
with the Cows in 2012.

I am a runner, but am not the fastest. I prefer running and chatting with my friends. (Find me on dailymile.com, I'd love to be your friend!) I am very into digital scrapbooking. I watch HGTV like it's going out of style - House Hunters being one of my faves. And, I am an unapologetic fan of General Hospital. I also love KU Basketball (and, yes, it deserves to be capitalized like that.). I adore my girlfriends, wine and pedicures.

With Cory at KU basketball game.
With girlfriends after the 2012
Hospital Hill half marathon.
If this blog serves its purpose, it will entertain, provide humor, show off pictures of my cuties, and allow me to keep in touch with everyone. I don't know if it will do that, but at least you're along for the ride with me.