Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Charlotte rides a duck

Between music class and picking Molly up from preschool, Charlotte and I had a few minutes to spare today. So, we stopped off at a park close to Molly's preschool. Charlotte slid down the slide approximately 486 times. She would say "one more time" as she climbed the stairs to go down the slide. Then, she would say it again. Then again. And again. I'm pretty sure she's confused on the exact meaning of that phrase.

Other than sliding down the slide a billion times, Charlotte also wanted to ride the duck springy-thing. (Ok, I honestly have no idea what to call it. Anyone have any clue?) Anyway, I took a picture and then remembered taking her picture on that same duck years earlier.

So, without further ado ... 

Charlotte at 7 months riding the duck springy-thing:

And, Charlotte at 2 years and almost 3 months riding the duck springy-thing:

You may now thank me for fulfilling your daily cute quotient. You're welcome. 

And, seriously. Any idea what that thing is called?


  1. Wow! Thank goodness my cute quota for May is done already. I can get back to just being a grumpy old man.

    I'm pretty sure the scientific name is the duck springy-thing

  2. According to Google the official name is "Playground Spring Toys" and this model is the "Duck Spring Toy"

  3. an understatement!!!!

  4. I am happy I have experienced the "One more time" with sweet Charlotte. I had so much fun with her last weekend!