Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mother Runner!

Let's face it. I'm a chicken. Not about all things, but definitely about running on snow. I'm always scared I'm going to slip and fall in some glorious arms-flailing, feet-splaying, old-time-cartoony fashion. And, I will be left flat on my back, staring up at the falling snow, seeing tweeting birds circling my head. Plus, I'd have a monster sprained ankle. At least, that is what my imagination does to me at the thought of running outside in the snow. (Don't get me started on where my morbid imagination takes me when I run under a highway overpass!)

This winter has been amazing for me as a runner. Last winter, we had weeks and months when the snow didn't melt from the sidewalks. But, this winter, we've had maybe 2 inches of snow total. It has been heavenly! I don't like cold. I really don't like snow. And, I hate being trapped on a treadmill with feet of snow blocking my normal running route.

So, with less than 2 inches of snow, I had no worries about fancy falls from stepping on ice. I just had to bundle up and go. I've only run on the treadmill two times this whole winter. In fact, the only downside to this winter was that my neighbor/running partner was pregnant. (I know, right, how dare she!?!) So, instead of miles of uninterrupted girl talk every morning, it was just me and my imagination. Scary thought. I was forced to find ways to pass the hour every morning on my own. Now, I know a lot of runners say that you should be able to run with just you and nature to truly enjoy and be at one with your run.

That is not me.

Friday, March 9, 2012

March Madness on cold medicine

In honor of all things March Madness, I thought I would spend a little time wrapping up our evening from last Friday. I know, on the surface these things do not correlate, but trust me, they do. See, last Friday night, Cory and I went with four other friends to the ALS fundraiser at the College Basketball Hall of Fame.

First things first, the ALS Association is a charity that we are happy to help support. Cory and I always like supporting charities to which we, or someone we know, have a special connection. (We like to support charities, even if I can't explain the concept to my child.) Our good friend Chris serves on the board of directors for the Keith Worthington Chapter of the ALS Association. So, when he asked if anyone was interested in attending this fundraising dinner, it was kind of a no-brainer.

We're getting up there in years, so we don't get to go to weddings all that much anymore. And, we're not really bar people. But, we do like to have a fun adult time every once in a while. So, when the opportunity came up for dinner, dancing and drinking with friends ... well, like I said: no-brainer.

We even got to get dressed up and ride in a limo down to the event.

It's amazing how much easier it is to take pictures when you don't have kids in them.

All the ladies, dressed up and ready to go.

Chris and Anne.

Megan and Brandon.

As fate would have it, I came down with a nasty head cold the day before the event. (In other, completely related news, check out this new study that shows that redheads are more prone to illness. In our entirely unscientific anecdotal family evidence, this is absolutely true.) But, we had already purchased the tickets, and we were going to ride in a limo. I couldn't NOT go. However, if you're wondering what Amy does on cold medicine and wine ... well, the rest of the pictures will tell you.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Modeling Pro

Last Friday, Molly participated in her second (hear that? second) fashion show. Yes, call up Tyra right now, Molly's on her way to Top Model stardom. Ok, maybe she's not quite there, yet. I mean, I'm pretty sure they have height requirements, and being under 4-foot is probably a deal-breaker.

 Buuuut, she did walk across the stage all by herself. So, see, she's almost there!

Here's the deal, Cory's mom is the head of the Fashion Merchandising program at Johnson County Community College. And, every year, the students put on a fashion show as a way to showcase their designs. Molly participated last year for the first time. So, this year, she was a veteran at this runway walking thing. She got to walk in both the noon show and the 7 o'clock show. Unfortunately, Cory and I had already purchased tickets to an event on Friday night, so we only got to watch her in the noon show.

Cory picked her up early from preschool to take her for a run-through and to get her hair styled by the cosmetology students. Talk about a pretty cool reason to leave preschool. Molly absolutely adored having her hair done. And, really, who could blame her? I would have someone do my hair all the time if I could! Ah, the life of a model! Afterward, she kept saying, "Look, my hair is all curls, Mommy!" (Not sure what she thinks her hair normally looks like, if not all curls, but whatever.)