Saturday, February 2, 2013

Polar Bear Pajama Party

My little baby girl is turning 3 next Wednesday. So, as it happens when birthdays come around, it was time for a birthday party. And, you know how I get when it comes to birthday parties. Go big or go home.

For quite a while now, Charlotte's been obsessed with Dora. And, she had wanted a Dora birthday party. But, because I'm a glutton for punishment, I thought, "Dora? Everyone does Dora. We need something more creative."

So, along I come with my big ideas and Pinterest:. A Polar Bear Pajama party. To be fair, Charlotte does love polar bears. It's kind of a freakish attachment, and I'm not entirely sure where it came from. But, she loves those bears.

I was majorly questioning my own sanity when Target started carrying all things Dora all over the place a couple weeks before the party. I mean, it was like the universe telling me I was stupid for choosing to do something that required so much of my own work instead of just buying the pre-made Dora paraphernalia. But, I persevered. (Mainly because the invitations were already sent out, and they were Polar Bear.)

Then, today, the day finally arrived. A Polar Bear Pajama party for my baby girl's 3rd birthday!

The cake table.

Cupcakes made by Gigi.

Polar Water with labels.

We had a hot chocolate bar complete with these adorable cups.

The drink station.


I had a tricky time figuring out names for all the food. We ended up with "Arctic Friends," "Polar Bear Pancakes," "Cinnamon Igloo," "Polar Bear Food."

Mmmmm ... powdered donuts!

Delicious yogurt parfaits aka "Snow-covered fruit."

Having a picnic under the table aka known as the polar bear den. 

Craft time. Making polar bear faces.

Sister polar bears!

Goodie bags. Polar Bear Snack Packs.

Avery, Molly and Melese.

The cake! Also made by Gigi.

Opening presents.

Wishful thinking in February. Super cute swimsuit.

Family picture!

Playing Vet with her new vet kit.

Playing with Kaesen and her new Dora doll.
So, despite the craziness of having to create everything for the Polar Bear party, it turned out pretty good. And, Charlotte is happy. Though, I did promise her a Dora party on her actual birthday. This time, I'm just buying some Dora plates and calling it good.


  1. Where did you have the polar bear coffee cup sleeves made?

    1. I printed stickers on an online site (vistaprint, I believe), then put them on sleeves I got from our local coffee shop. Super easy, though the sleeves didn't fit the cups perfectly. Still looked good.

  2. Love this birthday party ! You did a fabulous job ! Where did you get the goodie bags from ?

    1. I ordered the plain white canvas backpack-like bags from oriental trading company because they were cheaper in bulk there. Then, I just got black fabric paint and stenciled the name and drew the face. Very easy, and a lot of my friends' kids still carry them around with stuff, so they were practical!

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