Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yeah, Mon, Jamaica!

A long time ago, we decided that for our 10-year anniversary, we would actually go on a trip. We hadn't been away together since before Charlotte was born. Plus, our last vacation was a trip to an all-inclusive resort for a friend's wedding. It would've been really awesome had I not been pregnant and puking the whole time. (It's a good thing Charlotte's cute!)

We were originally going to head to Hawaii, because even though Cory had been, I hadn't. But, once we started looking at prices, we decided to try somewhere else. Hawaii is expensive! We found a deal on Costco's Travel site (Did you even know they had a travel site? Because I didn't.) for an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. Considering I was most looking forward to sleeping and hanging out under an umbrella on a beach, Jamaica was as good as Hawaii to me. Beach? Check. Umbrella? Check.

The deal we found was for six days and five nights. It sounds like enough time, but when you count two whole days of travel, it really was too short. Aunt Amber came up from Texas and stayed at our house to watch the girls. They had a great time and absolutely did not miss us.

There's not much to write about the trip. I slept a ton. Cory ate a ton. I read six books. Cory drank a lot of mudslides. It was pretty fabulous. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves:

We just arrived in Jamaica!
First thing I did? Put my feet in the ocean.

First thing Cory did? Find a pizza.
Dinner at the Italian restaurant with outdoor seating right on the beach.

Trying out the Caribbean restaurant. With my no-tolerance for spice, it was a tad spicy for me!
The spicy food. It sure looked pretty.

You have to take a picture by a palm tree when in the Caribbean, right?
We did get to make s'mores on the beach that night. I love me some s'mores!

Cory toasting marshmallows.
Posing in the pool at night.
Dinner on the pier. Every single other couple at our table was on their honeymoon. A sure-fire way to make you feel old is by explaining to a bunch of honeymooners that you are celebrating your 10th anniversary.
Playing a game of Battle of the Sexes. Somehow I was volunteered to dress like a guy. I had to steal some poor worker's pants and dance like a guy. It was not pretty, but the women's team did win.
Yummy drinks.

We essentially got 2-hour private tennis lessons every morning. There were two pros and usually only one other couple to take lessons. Unfortunately, I was much worse than all the other people. As coach Ron said, "The great thing about you, Amy, is you know your limitations and you're modest about it." I think that is code for, "You suck."

This is how I spent most of my days. Heaven.

We went out on a sailboat. Very fun.

We happened to see a wedding while we were sitting on the beach.

We left the resort one day to go ziplining.

Very fun time!

Our beautiful resort.

Saying goodbye to our time in paradise.

So, we had a great time. We would highly recommend the Jewel Dunn's River Resort. My only complaint? Too short. Well, that, and the fact that Molly and Charlotte now think I'm no fun after spending a week with fun Aunt Amber.

The reason the girls think I'm not cool? Aunt Amber took them to lunch dressed as Fancy Nancy. How do I compete with that?


  1. So, so, so glad you did this and you had a great time! Make sure you plan another trip soon!

  2. I was wondering if you would included a picture of when you had to dress like a guy. To bad we didn't have video, but just imagine Amy in her best deep male voice saying "Hey, go make me my dinner!" to go with the picture :)