Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Catching up with Charlotte

I know I've been a bit negligent on the blogging lately.
Molly started school then I started the complete dismantling and renovation of my living room. I'll have a post on that later. With all that going on, the blog has kind of been put on the back burner.

But, since I've had a couple posts about Molly and kindergarten, I thought I'd let everyone know how Charlotte is coping with having big sis gone all day.

Turns out, she's coping really well.

Before school started, I was worried about how I would entertain her and keeping her busy. I was afraid she would miss Molly and wouldn't know what to do. But, well, she's kind of blossoming.

The girl is a talk-a-holic now. I mean, not around other people. She's still WAY to shy to say stuff around other people. But, when it's just the two of us, she is telling me stories and singing songs and telling jokes. I'm not sure if she was just being overshadowed by Molly before or what. But, now, she's a genuine Chatty Cathy. I, however, cannot prove this to you because she also shuts up if I ever get the video camera out.

Pretty much the only time we have to play is in the morning. Then we have lunch, then naps, then we go pick up Molly. So, I've been trying to keep us busy in the mornings by meeting up with friends. It's been pretty beautiful weather lately, so we've been going to the park or the local petting zoo. Pretty much whenever someone invites me somewhere, I'm there.

 We met up with Kelli and Ally and their kids at the park. Charlotte held her own with the boys.
Checking out the ducks with Emerson and Kaesen.
Playing with two boys taught Charlotte all about playing in the dirt. She was quite proud of herself for getting that dirty!

Charlotte was "reading" to Emerson and Kaesen. She is quite sure of whatever she's reading. Usually it's, "O, S, S." I have no idea what that is about.

We met up with Tara and her kids at Deanna Rose (the local farm/petting zoo):

Because I wear hats a lot (don't get me started on not having a good hairdresser, so my hair is awful!), Charlotte wants to wear a hat, too. Even if her hat is a winter hat. She still looks pretty cute.

Such cuties!

We also met up with Tara at the park on a different day:

Charlotte thinks Kiran is pretty cool. Clearly, she is right.
And, oh, how she loves to swing!

Ok, so this happened after we picked up Molly from school. But, we do have almost two hours to play before Cory gets home, so we play with neighbors Ella and Ava a lot:

Playing with Ava in the grass.
Alright, the three mischievousness musketeers here.

One day, during nap time, Charlotte came down after only 15 minutes. I told her that nap time wasn't over yet, and she needed to go back to bed. I didn't hear anything else from her. When I went upstairs an hour later, this is what I found:

Well, at least she napped ... even if it was on my bed.

We met up with Ella to try out the Pottery Barn Kids story hour. Did you know they had a story hour? Yeah, me either. Afterwards, Charlotte and Ella played in the store. I didn't buy anything. I'm not sure that kind of behavior is exactly what they want, but it was fun.

Just call me Ms. Businesswoman USA.

Charlotte has started "reading" everything. Every time she starts a book, she starts it by saying, "One day ... " then fills in with whatever she wants. It's really quite adorable. Even at 5 in the morning.

What better place to read than the middle of the kitchen floor?

So, that's how Charlotte and I are keeping ourselves busy. I know you were dying to know. If anyone ever wants to hang out, just let me know. Clearly, we're up for it all.

PS. I know the title of this post is awfully reminiscent of Emily's new blog "Catching up with Caitlin," but it's a cute title, and I'll only use it this once :)

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