Monday, December 24, 2012

A tale of two girls ... and Santa

Every year since Molly's been born, we've gone to have breakfast with Santa through my dad's Rotary. The visits haven't always been successful. There was one year Molly refused to sit on Santa's lap. But, we did get a picture of her next to Santa, and she discovered Fruit Loops, which she had never seen before. She now and forever calls them "Christmas Cheerios." So, it wasn't an utter failure.

This year, the breakfast was in a new location. The old restaurant where they used to meet no longer exists, so they had it in the town hall building in Shawnee. Unfortunately, that is even farther away from us in Olathe. And, it started at 7:00 AM.

Now, it's not that I'm not used to being up that early. Trust me, I am. I live with the built in 5:30-alarm clock that is Charlotte Lafferty. However, being up is one thing. Being up, out the door, dressed in Christmas clothes the morning after a snow was a different thing altogether. It was a rather chaotic morning, but we managed to only be about 15 minutes late. And, we still beat my dad, mom, brother and sister.

We all ate breakfast (Catered by Moe's. The burrito place. I had no idea they catered breakfast, but that's an entirely other topic.) Then the organizers brought out a magician. The girls really enjoyed this part, and Charlotte's eyes were bugging out of her head when she saw him pull balls out of his mouth. I am afraid that she will attempt that trick at home.

Then, the main event: SANTA!

For some reason, every single year, we end up being the last people in line. This year was no different. Here was the problem: the night before, Santa had called the girls. Yeah, I know. A personal phone call from Santa? Yes, it's true.

Amber's hospital does a fundraiser every year by offering calls from Santa. So, she filled out the forms, gave some personal info and then Santa called and asked Molly about her dance and running, and asked Charlotte about gymnastics and her friend Ella.

So, after that the night before, Molly didn't see the need to go talk to Santa. "I told him what I wanted last night," she explained. But, then I explained that I really wanted a picture of her with Santa, so she relented.

We waited and waited and waited and waited ... finally it was our turn.

Posing with Santa!

Santa checking out if she's been nice by doing the nice meter on her. She passed.

Telling Santa what she wanted for Christmas: beads for making jewelry, American Girl doll clothes, and a Barbie movie.  Santa told Molly that if he brings her beads, she needs to make a necklace that he can give to Mrs. Claus next year. She is all for it.

After Molly's turn, and me slightly panicking because I hadn't heard this Barbie movie wish before, it was time for our younger daughter.

I am no longer amazed at the differences between my two daughters, but some days the differences are highlighted, in bold, underlined and set off in neon, flashing lights. This was one of those days.

After Molly's willingness to get on Santa's lap, talk to him, joke and smile for pictures, we got to Charlotte.

Now, Charlotte loves the idea of Santa. Whenever she sees pictures of Santa, she screams, "Santa!!!" And, she loves to talk about him. But ... getting close to him. Well, let me let the pictures speak for themselves ...

Santa says hello

Charlotte tries to make a run for it

Cory attempts to grab her.

Stay away from me!!!!

Yep. That was about it. That's as good of a picture as I could get. No one has ever accused Charlotte of not knowing her own mind, and her own mind was not going near this strange man. Ah well, I guess there's always next year.

Now, I gotta go because I've got to go find this Barbie movie!

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