Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cinderella, nail polish and nausea

As you all saw, we had Charlotte's polar bear birthday party last weekend. After her party was over, she was sitting with me on the couch, playing with a new Dora baby doll. She looks at me and says, "Mommy, remember when I put that Cinderella baby doll on my birthday list? I didn't get it." Cue mommy-guilt.

Now, a little backstory. Before Christmas, every time we went anywhere (I'm talking anywhere, Home Depot, the grocery store, Starbucks,) Charlotte would see something she wanted. So, I started telling her that she needed to put it on her Christmas list, knowing full and well she wouldn't remember anything on this so-called list. It was a great way to recognize what she was saying but not buy out the Target toy department every time we went.

A couple weeks before Christmas, we were walking through Target when Charlotte saw something she wanted. I went through the regular rigmarole and told her to put it on her Christmas list. She turns to me and says, "Mommy, my Christmas list is full. I'm going to put it on my birthday list." First off, I had to stop myself from cracking up in the middle of Target. But, considering her birthday is only about a month after Christmas, it wasn't that crazy of an idea.

So, from that point on, everything she saw got added to her birthday list. And, if you think I actually wrote down everything that she "added" to this list, well, you're a crazy person. I did not remember the hundreds of things she put on her list, nor did I really expect her to.

And, now, you can see why I was feeling bad when she actually remembered something and brought it back up to me. Well, now I was on a mission.

Except, I am with Charlotte all day, so going shopping for her birthday present became a challenge. On Tuesday night, while Molly was at dance, I dragged Terah with me to both Wal-Mart and Target to find stuff for Charlotte's family Dora party (remember I promised her that, too) and a baby Cinderella doll.

But, I couldn't find any Dora party hats (another request of Charlotte's) and I couldn't find a baby Cinderella doll I wanted to buy. So, along came the idea of a special birthday day for just her and me.

On Wednesday, Charlotte's actual birthday, I took her to music class in the morning. Then, I surprised her with a trip to the mall and the Disney store. (Going to the mall is a surprise in and of itself because I truly hate going to the mall and avoid it at all costs.) At the Disney store, I told her she could pick out her very own baby doll. She picked the Cinderella one.

Charlotte with her new Cinderella baby doll!
Then, I happened to mention to the worker that it was Charlotte's birthday, and the worker came out with all this stuff for Charlotte. She gave her a birthday crown, a birthday button, coloring sheets and crayons. I mean, if you ever want something to do on your kid's birthday, I highly recommend the Disney Store. They were awesome.

With crown, button and coloring sheets.
Next up, because the Disney Store is right across from the carousel  that's of course where we had to hit. This was also quite a sacrifice for me because in my old age, I somehow manage to get nauseated with a simple ride around the carousel. But, I got up there for my little girl. Yes, you can give me my award now.

Riding the carousel. Holding tight to Cinderella, of course.
Everywhere we went through the mall, people stopped and wished the princess in her crown a happy birthday. It was quite adorable. And, because I had previously promised her, we then headed over to the nail salon to get her nails painted. And, because I didn't want her to feel out-of-place, I went ahead and got mine painted, too.

Birthday girl getting her nails painted.

The lady painted flowers on her nails for free. Perks of being the birthday girl.

At the nail salon. Charlotte is practicing her silly face.
After we got our hands all beautified, we headed over to meet Cory for lunch. Where, of course, the birthday girl got something else free.

A Cookie!
Molly convinced Charlotte that Charlotte wanted Noodles & Co. for her birthday dinner. Coincidentally, this is also Molly's favorite eating establishment. Weird how things work out, huh?

Charlotte got to open her present from Molly's at dinner. This Dora microphone was also on her list.

Attempting to wink for the picture.


Gigi came to meet us for dinner.

Me and my girls.
Turns out, as impromptu as a day as it was, it was one of the best days I've had in a long time. I may not be thrilled that my baby girl is already 3, but I sure had a blast celebrating the day with her.