Monday, June 10, 2013

Wait, how is kindergarten over already?

Almost three weeks ago, on May 22nd technically, Molly officially completed her last day of kindergarten. While part of me was scared stiff about how to occupy this energetic and constantly "what are we doing next" questioning child for an entire summer, the other part of me was sad that my baby was finishing kindergarten. So, really, no part of me was doing great that day.

Tell me that doesn't freak you out. She went from a baby to a little girl!

Molly's school had a special "Farewell Kindergarten" program on the last day for parents and family to attend. And, for weeks before the day of the program, I could overhear small snipets of songs as Molly practiced in her room or in the car. She warned me, "You're going to cry at the last song, Mommmy. Mrs. Clutts says you will."

Great. Yup. That's just what I needed.

So, because Molly had warned me about music and singing performances, I knew I needed to be able to record it. The problem with that was ... our videocamera. See, we had bought it right before Molly was born. And, while I still think she is my baby, she is graduating from kindergarten. Our videocamera was six years old. Now, as you all know, six years is practically an antique in the electronics world. I'm surprised we don't need an archaeologist specializing in hieroglyphics to read the menu on it.

That meant, I really needed to get a new camera to record the performance. I mean, who wouldn't want to keep rewatching and keep crying, right? Because I like to plan way in advance, I headed to Target the night before to pick up the camera. I had actually been in Target earlier that same afternoon checking out what they had, then went home and gave the reviews a cursory glance.

In actuality, I picked the camera because it looked pretty cool, was a decent price, and the guy said it was a good one. I took it home to show Cory. He opened it to get ready for the next day, and we realized that while the camera seemed cool, we couldn't try it out because it didn't come with a memory card. NO memory card! Aha, now I see the reason behind the reasonable price.

Fine. I would get one the next day. So, the morning of the performance comes, and Charlotte and I have music class. As is always the case whenever we have to get somewhere early in the morning, we were running late. I left the house without the camera. When I got to Target to get the memory card, I realized I didn't have the camera with me. I would have to guess at which kind I needed. I know you see where this is going. Yeah, I guessed wrong.

And, again, I didn't try it out until about an hour before the program was to start. At that point, I realized that the regular SD memory card would not fit in the Micro SD card slot. Well, crap. I called Cory, and made him stop at Target on the way home for a new, correct, card. If you're keeping track, that would be five trips to Target (including the one to return the wrong SD card). Geez, this program better be amazing.

With Cory home from work (with the new SD card), we all trudged over to the school. My mom and Cory's mom came for the program, too.

The performance was, of course, adorable. And, Molly and Mrs. Clutts were completely correct. I cried at the last song. I mean, c'mon, some of the lyrics went:

"I love you, Mommy, and if it's quite alright,
I love you Daddy, every day and night.
Kindergarten's been great.
Believe me, Mommy, I'll be ok.
Don't worry, Daddy, I'm heading to first grade.
So, let me show you how I've grown."

 My heart is not made out of stone. It could not withstand the little voices and the dance moves.  So, yes, I cried. Just small tears, though. Nothing potentially embarrassing for my little almost 1st grader.

My girl at the beginning of the program.
Singing. Look at those facial expressions. Love it.

Awww, cheesy smile!

After the cry-inducing last song, we all headed back to the classroom for a little party with cookies. Molly was very excited about the cookies. And, then it was over. We could take our child home. I couldn't believe it. I now have a first grader.

Molly with some girlfriends from her class.

Absolutely love this picture!

So proud of Molly's award from Mrs. Clutts. The Hardest Worker award. I think that's an awesome one to get.

More girlfriends from her class.

And, Molly with the amazing Mrs. Clutts! Couldn't have asked for a better kindergarten teacher for Molly.

We turned our backs and realized Molly was taking the time to work on her math on the computer. Apparently she didn't get the memo that school was over.

Me and my kindergarten graduate. (And, a photobombing 3-year-old)
So, once we finally dragged Molly and Charlotte away from the fun of the kindergarten classroom, we headed back home. It was officially summer, and I was now in charge of two kids all day, every day.

Do you think there's any way I can convince them that napping is a fun summertime activity? Maybe we'll just hang around making videos with our new fancy video camera (and memory card!) all day. Sounds like a good plan to me.

If anyone (I'm mostly talking to family and people who don't have anything else to do) wants to watch a video of the last song, I included it here. It really is pretty cute, but Charlotte got antsy toward the end and tried to climb all over Cory while he was taping. It gets real jumpy and out of focus. But, you can still get the gist of it.

Now, good luck to anyone who made it this far getting that song out of your head.


  1. I just got unreasonably excited when I read that Molly got the Hardest Worker award. I can vouch for the fact that it is DEFINITELY the best award to receive. Way to go, Molly!

    1. I'm glad to hear that from a teacher, because I was so ridiculously proud of her for earning that award!