Saturday, July 13, 2013

Great Lafferty Family Sleepover Adventure

The 4th of July wasn't just one day of celebrating for us. It was a whole weekend of activities. On the 5th, we all packed up our bags and trekked over to Lenexa for the Great Lafferty Family Sleepover Adventure. What's that, you ask? Well, all of us, including me and Cory, slept over with Cory's parents at Cory's parents' house with his sister Amber and her boyfriend Tom. It was one full house.

Pat and Joan (Cory's parents) had the whole evening planned out with myriad events and activities. Balloon toss, tie-dyeing, slip-and-slide, bubbles ... you name it was probably on the list. We were not to be bored during this adventure.

First up was tie-dyeing. Molly had actually learned how to tie-dye at Daisy Girl Scout camp this summer, so she was very excited to do it again. We all got pillowcases, and then I read the instructions that came with the kit. I don't know if it will shock you or not, but I am always the only one who reads instructions in this family for games, crafts or putting together furniture. Why everyone doesn't do this, I could not tell you. C'mon people. They have instructions for a reason!

Tom and Amber working on their pillowcases.

Molly and Charlotte. Charlotte was very concerned with the gloves she had to wear.

Showing them how it's done when you read the instructions!

Next on the agenda was the water balloon toss. We don't have that many pictures of that because, well, we were all throwing water balloons everywhere.

Charlotte and Molly staking out the water balloons.

Trying to get everyone lined up for the game.

Then: the bean bag toss.
Charlotte's skills.

Somehow Amber and Tom got on a team together. You'd think that would make them front-runners. You'd be wrong.

Molly was very serious.

Eh, I was not.
As we were finishing the bean bag toss, Molly kept questioning who was winning. Like constantly. I mean, I have no idea where she could possibly get that competitive streak from. Er, oh, yeah, perhaps it was my awesome display of parental modeling from the day before at the 4th of July race. Whoops.

Ok, so with the competitive games done, we headed up to the front yard for some slip-and-slide action. I am not a slip-and-slide girl. I did not want to participate, but there were stickers for every event that you participated in. So, I sucked it up and went down the teeny, tiny slip-and-slide.

Sometimes, Charlotte is like me. She just walked her little self down the slip-and-slide. Every. Single. Time. No sliding for her.

Molly, however, was a slip, sliding fool.

As was Cory.

Tom got in on the action.

Molly LOVED it.

There goes Aunt Amber!

And, finally, me. Yes, I was attempting to keep my hair from getting too wet. 

We were all pretty hungry by this point, so we had some dinner, then the girls played dress-up with the eclectic collection of old clothes in the dress-up box.

Charlotte was quite proud of herself when she came out in this newsboy cap, then when we weren't expecting it, reached up and honked the horn that she'd hidden underneath it. Funny girl.

And, just don't ask me. I don't know.
The girls checked the participation board, then got ready to make homemade ice cream in plastic bags. Again, I read the instructions.
Checking the standings and making sure everyone has their appropriate participation stickers.

Aunt Amber had made ice cream this way before, so she led the charge.

Charlotte clearly enjoyed her ice cream from a bag.
We finished the evening playing with bubbles and going on a paddle boat ride. Ok, I didn't go on the paddle boat ride. The boat was riding low enough as it was after Molly wouldn't go without Cory sitting with her in the back seat. So, you count Molly, Charlotte, Amber, Tom AND Cory. Yeah, I stayed on shore and took pictures.

Amber, Tom, Molly and Charlotte getting ready to head out.

Trying to figure out how to fit everyone on. Molly wouldn't go without Cory once she saw a spider in the back of the boat. 

High-five Charlotte and Tom. They got everyone on.

But, holy cow, check out how low they were riding. 

But, I still got thumbs ups on their way back to shore.

After that, it was bed time. And, apparently the best night of sleep I've had in over six years. The girls woke up several times, but always went to Cory's parents' room. Plus, the bedroom we were in faces west (our bedroom at home faces northeast), and the morning began overcast and almost rainy. All of this combined for me sleeping in until 8:45. 8:45?!?! That is seriously unheard of. Like, I cannot remember the last time I slept that late! I missed breakfast, but didn't mind one bit.

When I did finally arise, I came downstairs to find this:

Tom, good sport that he was, playing the "Fancy Nancy" game with the girls.
The girls hanging out in pajamas on the back deck before it started to rain.

Later, we all received our participation medals.(And, yes, I was quite aware that it was the only medal I received that weekend.) The girls took pictures with Aunt Amber, then we headed out for our next adventure, which began at 11:30am. (Next blog post, I promise!)

Joan and Pat had two different ribbons: Red & Blue or Purple & White. They made the girls pick their colors, and they both picked Red & Blue (Rock Chalk!). But, Tom chose to side with the Purple & White contingent. Perhaps a little sucking up? ;)

What a cute bunch of girls!

And, so ends our Great Lafferty Sleepover adventure. We all survived, no worse for the wear, and I ended it fairly well rested. Score one for mom!


  1. Umm, I see Charlotte's "Big Sister" shirt... is she trying to tell us something? ;)

    1. Ha! I was wondering if anyone would notice that! No, all it says is that her parents are cheap and hand down her sister's old clothes :)