Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wait?!? What?!? I have a 1st grader?!?

I know everyone says the same thing when school starts each year, "I can't believe my kid has gotten so big." "I can't believe school is back in session." "They are growing up way too fast."

Yes, those are all cliches, but oh, man, they are so true. I thought every single one of those this morning as I walked Molly to her first day of first grade. Seriously, 1st grade?!?! I still remember them handing her to me in the hospital and not even thinking that school was anywhere close to my future. I distinctly remember hearing other moms talk about their kids going to school and I couldn't even comprehend anything about it because it was so far from my realm.

Man, it did not take long for me to be smack dab in the middle of that realm. I don't remember okaying that.

Molly, however, has been super excited for school to start. She loves school. She's never been nervous about it at all. For her first day of preschool, she jumped out of the car, waved her hand and said, "Bye, Mom!" without even a hug or kiss. I've never had to worry about her being sad or nervous for school. Me, on the other hand?

I know I should be used to this. I did it last year. I had the whole sobbing in front of the school librarian after dropping her off at Kindergarten fiasco. But, I'm still sad. She's my baby. I've been hugging her a little bit longer and squeezing her a little bit tighter these last couple days, just trying to steel myself up for today.

And, today came:

Her grin was so big. She was so excited to go.

And, she wanted to take a picture with her sister. Love this picture so much. Even with Charlotte's crazy outfit.

The walk to school.

With Charlotte in front of the sign at her school.

She has her very own locker in the hall this year!

At her desk.

And, bothering her teacher for one more picture. They are both cute!

And, of course, we hadn't charged the battery on our camera, so I had to make do with my phone camera. Urgh. Unprepared momma. Also, I forgot my big sunglasses on the walk to school, so I had to hold back the tears until I got home so as not to look like a complete crazy mom. Now I'm hanging out with Charlotte at home. She told me that she wouldn't cuddle with me, but will play with me. I'll take it, I guess. I think I'll also get some Starbucks for a little treat for myself :)

Bonus for today, though? It's only a half day, so I get to pick Molly up at 11:40 and have a celebration lunch with my not-so-baby girl.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know I'm being ridiculous. I can't help it.  

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