Saturday, February 22, 2014

Chocolate, chocolate everywhere!

My baby girl, Charlotte, turned 4 this February. We were having a tough time deciding on a theme. We kept throwing around idea after idea, but nothing was sticking. Then, pushing our cart through Target, we walked through the Christmas clearance section. There, I stumbled on a roll of wrapping paper covered in hot chocolate mugs.


We would have a hot chocolate party. Charlotte loves hot chocolate, so she was totally on board. As we started planning it, it became clear that having the theme as hot chocolate was a little limiting, so we expanded to just have all chocolate. Charlotte was still very ok with this idea. This girl loves her chocolate.

We started with the invitations. I looked on Pinterest for some ideas, then made this one:

The meteorologists forecasted a huge snow storm the week before the party, so I went to the grocery store to stock up in advance. Man, that cashier must have thought I was the worst mom ever when she checked out my cart. Nothing but chocolate junk. (Actually, I think I had bananas and milk in there, too, so that totally makes up for the massive quantities of chocolate, right?)

Charlotte with all the chocolate before the party.

I didn't really have too many games or plans. I mainly concentrated on food. My friend Sarah had a chocolate fountain that I borrowed, and I actually baked a few things. (This is a huge feat for those who know me!)

We made lemonade out of lemons by turning the foot of fresh snow into our very own cooler.

I tried to go with a brown and teal theme for colors. Unfortunately, all the teals were slightly different colors. It really bothered me, but there wasn't much I could do.

Party favors. I made "Chocolate Snack Packs" complete with a combination of chocolate teddy grahams, cocoa puffs, chocolate animal crackers, s'mores goldfish and marshmallows all in little snack baggies. 

The Hot Chocolate cake. My mom made.

Cake and cupcakes. All made by my mom. I also found a couple of pictures of Charlotte with her face covered in chocolate and framed them. I didn't have to stage them at all. This girl loves her chocolate.

The chocolate feast. I used the inspirational wrapping paper as a runner down the counter.

The living room with balloons and the KU game. I did not check the basketball schedule before planning the date and time of the party. Will not make that mistake again.

The birthday girl blowing out the candles.

Big sister and friends devouring the chocolate fountain.

Charlotte and one of her best buddies, Ava, enjoying birthday cupcakes.
Too much chocolate and too much excitement equaled one tired 4-year-old.

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