Monday, April 11, 2011

Her Royal Highness, Belle

Remember when I said everything I was reading told me that the princess culture was ruining my daughter's life? That the high heels, constant pink-ness, and emphasis on everything girly would surely turn my independent, strong-minded daughter into a simpering push-over with low self esteem? Well, let's just throw that all out the window, because this weekend I took Molly to her friend Jensen's princess birthday party. And, who was there, but ... drumroll, please ... Princess Belle, herself!

Now, I'm not going to apologize for this day of glorious princessy fun, because Molly had a ball. (Pun intended.)

From the first moment Belle walked into the party, she had all the girls (and Cole, brother of the birthday girl), transfixed. Has anyone seen that Modern Family episode when the princess gets out of character? Well, that did not happen here. She was pure Belle from the moment she stepped into the door until the moment she left.

Belle had several games for the kids, including popping the bubbles with magic wands and trying on silly hats. It was remarkable how well she could get all the kids to listen. I think it was her voice. It was dripping with sweetness, like a syrup-soaked pancake. She spoke with it the entire time. No leaving character, remember? Some of us moms were joking that we'd have to start walking around our daily lives in princess ball gowns, and maybe then our kids would listen to us better.

At one point, Belle asked all the kids what their talents were. There were the normal answers: running, dancing, etc. But, one of the girls answered, "pushing my sister." We were all hoping she was describing pushing her sister on a swing, but I don't think that is what she really meant. Pushing your sister down can be considered a talent, can't it?

Next up came princess makeovers.

Before makeover.

Check out that after shot. 
Now, if you'll notice, Molly's dress is pink. It's actually not a specific Disney princess dress, but Molly is convinced that it is an Ariel dress. When we went to the store the other day, she needed some new detangler spray. Well, I was a sucker and bought her the Disney princess detangler spray. (I told you I was reading about how princesses were bad for girls, I didn't tell you that I was actually following it!) She was so excited about it, and while I thought I understood, I didn't really. She apparently thought that the princess spray would make her hair turn red "just like Ariel's." So, while that's really cute and funny, I also have to note that she said red like Ariel's, and not red like mommy's. Maybe if I were walking around in that ball gown ...

The hardest part for all the girls was when Belle had to leave. Jensen seemed to think that Belle was her actual present. She kept asking when she was coming back. How do you explain to a 4-year-old that your princess is not coming back? Why, that you had 'a lovely time, but your castle is oh so far away,' of course.

Belle with all her mini-princesses.
So, I am not sorry that we delved into the world of princesses once again. The smiles and twirls sealed it for me. I am not going to take away something that makes Molly so happy. She may turn into a weak-minded push-over, but, by god, she will know how to curtsy.


  1. and knowing how to curtsy is a skill you may need one day AND no one can take from you!

  2. Ahhhhhh......the ability to curtsy......a long lost art........but she WILL be ready when she meets her Prince!!!!!! :-)