Sunday, May 29, 2011

Superheros love rain!

Yesterday, Molly turned 4. My baby girl turned 4 years old.

Somehow, somewhere, someone started telling Molly that though she wasn't big enough for what she wanted to do, she could do it when she was older. Namely, once she turned 4. (I'm not naming names, but I'm pretty sure the guy who sleeps in my bed is on the top of the suspect list.) This reasoning was given for any number of things: climbing a tree, having a sleepover, doing the monkey bars. I have no idea why such a close age was chosen, especially because the girl has the memory of an elephant. Seriously, she remembers trips that we took two years ago, she remembers who lives in what neighborhoods we drive into, she remembers tiny parts of toys that were left here six months ago by friends. Of course she's going to remember she is allowed to do certain things when she turns 4.

Because the 4th birthday was such a big deal, it was a huge decision on what kind of birthday party to have. I've talked before about the guilt I feel from the anti-princess faction. I know Molly would love a princess birthday party. She would love a make-over party. She would love any kind of girly party we could come up with. But, I just felt so guilty. So, when we went to a Sesame Street show in January, and Elmo and his friends were Superheros, an idea dawned on me. Molly started running around the house pretending to be a superhero; wanting problems to fix and capes to wear. That's it! We could have a superhero/supergirl party. She could still dress up (with a cape), but I could feel less guilty about the princess factor. Of course, I did do everything in pink, so that might have undercut the whole point, but, well, I never claimed to be perfect.

I know an inordinate amount of my posts have been about the weather, and I apologize for this, but unfortunately for you, the weather once again makes an appearance in this blog. Because, again, yesterday was Molly's 4th birthday. A day she has been counting down to for weeks, months, even. A day that has been yearned for by my elder child so she could finally do any number of things. This day finally came, and ... it rained.

All of my hopes for the giant outdoor superhero party were toast. We had an entire "Superhero Training Camp" set up, complete with obstacle course for all the kids. We had two bounce houses. We had new patio furniture, for God's sake. (Ok, that wasn't actually specifically for the party, but I was so excited to get to use it.) All of this planning. All of the dreaming. And, Mother Nature laughed. Didn't she know I'd already shot pictures in my head of Molly running through the grass, cape flying on a beautiful sunny day? The pictures had already been planned, Mother Nature! Geesh. I guess I should just be glad it wasn't a tornado

Twenty minutes before the party, the clouds finally stopped dripping. I started barking orders like a crazed air traffic controller, waving my arms, gesturing wildly to the outside. "Get it out, get it out, set it up outside. Here's our chance, move it out!" Mother Nature was going to give us a break afterall. Two short hours of no rain or only light drizzle. We were going with it. The ground was soaked, it was muddy, and there were grass clippings stuck to everyone's feet, but superheros don't care about getting a little dirty, do they? Not in my house they don't. (Ok, confession time, normally, I truly do care about Molly getting dirty, mainly because I hate to clean it up. But, I threw that all to the wind to have an awesome time outside. I'm telling you this to make sure you know how much I gave up for my daughter's happiness. I expect heaps and heaps of adulation and praise now, thank you, thankyouverymuch.)

So, because I know you want to see the pictures of the awesome, amazing, soaking wet 4th Birthday Superhero Extravaganza ... I will leave you in suspense no longer.

That's actually a picture of Molly "flying" in her supergirl costume.
I didn't take a picture before the rain killed the streamers. They looked really cool at first, as a way to lead everyone to the backyard to the obstacle course.
The spread.
I made superhero signs labeling all the food. Batman Burgers, He-Man Hot Dogs, Power Ranger Pasta Salad, etc. 
The Birthday Supergirl Molly coming out of the bounce house.
I had originally envisioned the capes hung up all over the backyard. The rain necessitated that they be hung under the tent. Each kid had their own cape and could choose whatever mask they wanted.
Two supergirls - Jensen and Molly.
Two superguys - Connor and Kevi.
Despite all my best efforts, all the girls somehow ended up in Molly's room playing dress up princess.
All the kids lined up for the superhero obstacle course.
Molly was the first to race the obstacle course.
Finishers all won medals.
Chloe with her medal!
Super Kevi!
Supergirl Avery!
The kids waiting at the finish line.
After a while, the finish line was an obstacle in itself, as each kid positioned him/herself directly on the other side. Finishers had to squeeze through the line of people, a la Red Rover.
Jake and his Captain Awesome shirt.
Me and Tara. Yes, I insisted on taking pictures with everyone and their masks. I cut out a LOT of masks. I needed to make sure they got used.
Super Papa with Leigh and Me.
Girls eating dinner.
My Super Baby!
The chaos of opening presents.
So excited about presents!
Super Dad.
HyVee made an awesome cake that matched Molly's invite perfectly.
Singing to Molly.
Blowing out the candles.
Charlotte is ridiculously excited about cake.
Family Superhero picture.
Anne and Landon with Me and Charlotte. Check out the cute banner behind us. I bought this one from Etsy as opposed to spending an enormous amount of time trying to make it myself.
Molly and Charlotte with their Gigi. Gigi made all of the superhero capes for all the kids.  They definitely made the party, and I couldn't have done it myself. Thanks, Gigi!

So, Molly is now 4. She now thinks she can climb trees and have sleepovers. I'll let you know if we end up in the emergency room with a broken arm after she decides she can fly. She is a superhero afterall, why shouldn't she be able to fly? But, knowing Molly, she'll probably try to fly with a cape, tiara, and princess dress. Superhero Princess. I think that could be a pretty awesome book, no?


  1. It looks amazing! I may have to steal the superhero idea. And way to go SuperMommy for being okay with the mud.

    Maybe one year we'll have to come for Molly's birthday instead of Easter.

    So when is the first tree climbing and sleepover?

  2. What a great party!!!!!! YAY to SuperMommy, SuperDaddy, SuperPapa, and SuperGigi for making this a SUPER, fantastic day for Superhero Princess Molly!!!!!