Monday, July 25, 2011

Heat Wave

Wahoo! It's only supposed to be 92 degrees today! Break out the parkas.

Ok, so under normal circumstances, 92 degrees would be pretty darn hot. But after the last couple weeks, it feels like a much-welcomed cold front has graced us with its presence. For those of you readers not in the KC-metro area, it is hotter than hell here. Well, I've never actually been to hell, but I'm pretty sure we're giving it a run for its money lately. Actually, from what I've been seeing on the news, it's like that in about 75 percent of the country, so chances are, you know what I'm talking about. Unless you are in Seattle. My aunt lives up there and is actually looking forward to coming to KC to get some summer heat. Apparently, it's been cooler than average up there lately. Clearly, that rain and cool weather has messed with my aunt's brain. No one should be looking forward to coming here this summer.

Anyway, back here in KC, it's been close to 100 degrees for so many days, I've lost count. Only about half of my hanging baskets are still alive. Weird thing, though, I'm not talking about 3 out of 5 hanging baskets. I'm talking about half the plants in each hanging basket. Don't ask me, my thumb is about as far from green as you can get. What would that be? Red thumb? Oh well.

So, what do most normal moms do with their kids when the heat gets unbearable? If you screamed out "Go to the pool!" well, you'd be right. You would also be crazy for screaming at your computer, but right nonetheless. Ok, so most normal moms take their kids to the pool. Two problems with that.

One - I really hate going to the pool. The only way a pool is even bearable to me is if I am completely shaded, sunglasses on, tropical alcoholic drink in hand, relaxing in a lounge chair and reading a good book. Baking in the heat while the sun blares down on me and I chase my children and dodge other children's errant cannonballs, splashes and screams? That is not my idea of fun. In fact, it kind of harkens back to the aforementioned hell place. I can't say for sure the cause of my dislike - it might have to do with my porcelain skin, trauma from evil junior high pool parties, being in a swimsuit in public, the fact that perfectly good air conditioning is being wasted while you are roasting outside ... take your pick. Any of them are perfectly valid, I'm sure.

Two - Charlotte is terrified of the water. She loves the bath, but anything bigger and she is petrified. I took her and Molly to my parents' neighborhood pool at the beginning of summer. I put her toes in. She screamed and ran back to her stroller. She climbed in and clutched the sides of stroller for dear life. I'm pretty sure if she had knuckles, they would've been white. (Yes, I know she actually does have knuckles, but she still has the little chubby baby hands, where you can't actually see the knuckles. So cute. Anyway ... ) She sat that way in the stroller for a good hour and a half. Not that I really minded, see, because I had to sit with her in the shade. I didn't have my tropical alcoholic drink or book, but it was close. And, my mom had to deal with Molly in the pool. Win-win?

Ok, so now I've listed my issues with the pool. But, here's the thing, Molly still LOVES the pool. So, to be a good mom, I know I need to force myself back into the great blue, watery torture chamber at some point. Luckily, Cory helped out this weekend by dragging the baby pool into the backyard. And, guess what? We got Charlotte in the water! I mean, there were tears and clutching at Cory's neck beforehand, but, once in, she actually really liked it. Baby steps, right?

So, here are some pictures from the pool party in our backyard this weekend:

Before Charlotte would go in the water.
What?!? That looks like fun!
Here, Charlotte, let me just get you a "little" wet with the hose.
Cory got in the water with the girls.
Molly loved getting water dumped on her head.
Wait, this pool thing is kind of cool! Why didn't you show me this before?
So, I guess we took care of problem number two. Charlotte is no longer terrified of the water. In fact, she enjoyed splashing around. She still didn't really like getting water on her head, but again, baby steps. So, I guess the only problem I have left is my own hatred of the pool. Hmmm ... still going to have to work on that one.


  1. Very cute pictures :-)

    Also, any time you'd like an out, I'd be happy to take Molly to the pool! I love playing in the water, and people look at you kinda funny when you're 23 and not just laying in a chair...

  2. I can think of one pro for the pool... pool pictures are the best for summer time scrabooking!

    Send Molly up to MN! We love love love the pool. I don't care that it is a mad house on the weekends and as expensive as a movie ticket.