Friday, September 9, 2011

Circus Ringleader

I've written before about how the boys in our neighborhood can be mean to Molly. She is a really tender-hearted girl, so it kills me when I see her try desperately to be included, only to be shut out. I know, I know, I'm going to die when she gets into school. But, this week, it happened again. We were playing outside, enjoying the beautiful weather, and she really, really wanted to play with some neighborhood kids. When the boys next door finally came home, she was ecstatic. She ran over to them and asked them to play with her. They were incredibly uninterested, as they were busy playing Ben 10. (I have no idea what Ben 10 is. Remember, I have two girls. Apparently it is some cartoon TV show about a boy who fights aliens or something.)

Anyway, Molly tried to play along, but wasn't really getting it. So, she kept asking if they would play camp-out, which is what we were playing on our driveway. We had sticks and were roasting pretend marshmallows over my amazing chalk-drawn campfire, and we were pretending to sleep under the stars. She really wanted to have some other kids play with her. The boys were not having it and just kept ignoring her. She finally gave up, came over to me, sat in my lap in front of our "campfire" and cried. And, then I wanted to cry.

But, have no fear. This isn't a poor-me blog post about my daughter getting left out of the boys' games. Because although Molly wasn't allowed to play with those little boys, she does have an amazing knack of getting adult boys to do what she wants. Enter into the story: a friendly barbecue at our friends Emily and Ryan's house. Now, among the group of people there, Cory and I, well, we have a little more life experience than the others. Or, as Cory says, we are the old-farts they allow to hang out with them. I personally prefer my terminology. Potato - Potahto.

So, as most of them are just a bit younger than us, none of the other guys have kids yet. We are all enjoying ourselves after eating, just sitting in the backyard. Molly, Charlotte and Jake are the only kids there. They are running around, having a great time. When, all of a sudden, Molly decides that we are all at a circus. And, everyone needs to be performing, of course.

She then proceeds to go around to each adult and give them a specific "move" or "talent" to perform. Cory always got juggling, but everyone else received some sort of dance-ish move that required hopping or shaking. The thing is, everyone did it. Guys included. We were a group of nine adults, hopping, shaking, squirming, bouncing and juggling under the direction of a 4-year-old little girl. And, yes, it was as funny as it sounds like it would be. And, yes, I have pictures for your enjoyment.

A couple of the ladies of the Circus: Emily and Katie. I believe Katie is doing the chicken dance while Emily is an airplane?
Molly showing Hilary and Leigh what they need to do as circus performers.
Yes, even I got my own moves to perform.
And, the guys get in on the act. Brandon was awesome.
What a good sport Ryan was. Check out that smile on Molly's face!
More awesomeness from Brandon. He got particular instruction from Molly, making sure his dance moves were just right.
Yup, check out those moves!
Jake even got in on the act from his chair.

So, thanks to all the amazingly awesome adult guys we have in our lives as friends. You have shown Molly (and her mommy) that even though little boys can be mean and excluding, they can grow up to be sweet and kind to a little 4-year-old girl. Now, who needs Ben 10 when you've got the Backyard Circus 9?

And, just a couple more pictures from the BBQ because they were so cute, I couldn't help myself:
Molly had a blast playing with Darcy.
Charlotte was there, too.
But, remember how much she hates photos of herself? "Mommy, if you don't stop taking pictures of me, I will just put the lens cap on myself."


  1. breaks my heart that those boys won't play with her......but take it from me....older boys are better!!!! :-) So glad you had such a great time at the barbeque!!! And if you are an old fart, what am I?????

  2. What a great story. I love the pics of the adults in the circus.
    And the photo of Molly putting the lens cap on cracked me up. Where's the little baby who smiled more than any other baby?!