Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween time (a few weeks late)

I really wanted to be creative this year for Halloween. I know there are not too many years left where I can have absolute say or at least much persuasion over Halloween costumes. Therefore, I wanted to take advantage of this and pick out absolutely adorable, coordinating Halloween costumes. I thought and thought and thought. For some reason, my creativity was non-existent this year. I simply could not come up with anything I thought would suffice.

So, this year, the girls were witches. I know. Completely out-of-the-box, no? And, truly, Charlotte refused to wear her hat, so she didn't even really look like a witch. She was supposed to be a candy corn witch, but without the hat, we just called her a candy corn. And, Molly did insist that she was a good witch, not a scary witch whenever someone asked. So, those are kind of different. Right? Maybe?

One thing about Halloween, it's not just one day. The girls actually get several wearings out of their costumes, which thrills Molly, and it makes me pretty happy, too. Better to spend money on a costume if they can wear multiple times. And, yes, I did buy their costumes. I have friends who handmade their children's costumes, even down to the trick-or-treat bag. (I'm looking at you Sarah and Ella!) We've already discussed my distinct lacking of traditional housewife skills, so I'm sure it comes as a surprise to no one to discover that Molly and Charlotte were store-bought witches. In fact, they were online store-bought witches. I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse.

Now, without further ado ... two girls dressed up in completely unoriginal store-bought costumes. I personally still think they managed to look pretty cute.

Molly as a witch for her dance class Halloween party.
Charlotte with her friends at Kindermusik. Yes, the only way we could get  seven  1.5 year-olds to sit for a picture was to feed them. And, no, we didn't even get all of them to sit. We took what we could get.
Molly trick-or-treating at Cory's work.
Charlotte pretty much never left Cory's arms, but she did enjoy the suckers.
With daddy at his office.
On actual Halloween day. They were both looking at the camera. I was fairly happy.
Then, I tried to get them to pose standing up because I have a vertical Halloween frame that I wanted to use. Yes, it looks like Molly is strangling Charlotte.
So, once again we used food as a tool to take a better picture. Chicken nuggets this time.
Molly and neighborhood friend Leah became experts at trick-or-treating.
They even said "Thank You" every time.
But, Molly also REALLY loved giving out candy. She would tell the trick-or-treaters, "Oh, you just look so cute! Here's some candy for you." I'm thinking she heard that once or twice while she went around.
Charlotte handing to candy to Ella (Yes, that Ella with the adorable homemade cupcake costume!)
And, Molly once again looking like she is going to strangle someone. Maybe she was dressed up as a scary witch afterall!

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  1. Some Halloweens you've got to do the traditional costumes. I actually thought Charlotte was a bumblebee and wasn't wearing her antennaes :). Molly is starting to look like you, especially in the chicken nugget photo. I saw it and said "wow, that looks like Amy as a little girl!" Chris agreed with me.