Thursday, November 10, 2011

Girl time with Aunt Amber

A couple of weeks ago, Cory's sister came up from Ft. Worth, Texas, to visit. (I used say she lived in Dallas, because I thought it was all in the same. Plus, Dallas was the more well-known of the pair of cities. I've since been informed that there is a HUGE difference, and a certain person from Ft. Worth does not want to be mistaken for someone from Dallas. So, now you know. Feel free to take that little nugget of knowledge and run with it.)

Amber was actually in town for her high school reunion, but we got to steal some time with her. She flew in on a Friday morning, and was able to help pick up Molly from preschool. The minute Molly saw Amber sitting in the car, her face broke into a giant grin. Molly's face, that is. Well, probably Amber's, too, now that I think about it. And, you could just tell that Molly had been talking the teacher's ear off all about it as she beamed and pointed excitedly to our car. Having your aunt come into town (on an airplane!) to visit can cause quite the hullabaloo in a preschooler's day (in a good way, of course).

When Amber comes to town, you can guarantee the activities will be girl-centric. The last time Amber was in town, she took Molly out for an afternoon of shopping with Joan (Cory's mom). Molly came home with a brand-new ballet outfit, complete with sparkly skirt. You tell me, what little girl doesn't want a pink, sparkly ballet skirt? Not any living in this house, that's for sure. And, on top of that, Molly got to skip her nap. She thought she was pretty hot stuff.

This visit, there was no shopping excursion, but Molly did get something she never gets with Mommy. She got her hair french braided. I'm not quite sure how I missed learning that skill growing up (especially considering I always had a braid in my hair), but Aunt Amber is awesome at it, so Molly had her hair braided while I watched and tried to learn. Amber said I needed to practice on a Barbie to get the hang of it. So, what do you think Molly's been having me do when we play with her Barbies now? I'm getting better, but still not great on a live human child. I think they're too squirmy.

On Amber's last night in town, we were able to bust out the dance moves and boogie down in a Molly-style impromptu dance party. Cory's parents are re-doing their kitchen and getting new carpet in their house, so they had taken out all the furniture for the workers coming the next day. You take a huge empty room, big windows reflecting as if mirrors, a basket full of dress up clothes, and a hyped-up 4-year-old, and what do you get? Why that's right! A dance party.

Just wait, the pictures are as awesome as you think they are:

Check out that belated birthday cake for Amber, and you can see why Molly was so hyped up. Molly smiling  with Amber and cousin Kristin.
The dance party begins.
Charlotte was most comfortable dancing while I held her. I swear, I'm going to start calling her a koala if she doesn't let go one of these days. And, yes, Molly is staring at herself in the reflective windows.
Molly giving instruction as to what moves we needed to be doing. And, yes, I did put this pic in b&w in hopes that I would look a little less ridiculous. Did it work?
Molly also dressed us. She's very good at getting adults to do what she wants. See previous post on that very subject.
Charlotte did have fun dancing and twirling.
Checking to make sure she's smiling.
Molly's turn to twirl with Aunt Amber.
Me posing with Amber in our awesome Molly-dictated outfits.
So, now we've gotten dance parties, french braiding and shopping afternoons resulting in new ballet clothes. Who knows what adventures are going to ensue the next time Amber flies up from Ft. Worth? If Molly has any say in the matter, and I think we've already established she does, I'm sure it will be sparkly, twirly and appropriately girly. After all, that's what aunts are for, right?


  1. Check out the video version of the dancing :)

  2. YAY!!!! So much fun.....absolutely love Molly's idea of dance outfits!!! Koala might just be a great nickname for Miss Charlotte....she must keep your arms in shape, however!!! Love the video too!!

  3. You still look pretty ridiculous, even in black and white! ;) But, I LOVE the pic of you holding Charlotte and dancing! So sweet!