Monday, August 13, 2012

Last days of summer

Man, the countdown is in the single digits now. Only three days before Molly is in school. I am in panic mode, but I've been trying to squeeze in some fun time with both girls before d-day.

Last week, we took a quick trip over to Deanna Rose Farmstead. I love being able to go during the week. Monday through Thursday it is free, so I don't feel bad about only going for an hour or two. Molly and Charlotte love visiting the animals and running around.

We checked out the one-room schoolhouse to practice for kindergarten. I told Molly that Gigi went to a school like that. I'm not sure she believed me.

The requisite picture sitting on the cow outside the cow barn.

Happy on the swing!

Next, we actually went to feed the baby goats. However, I couldn't take a picture of that because my hands were full protecting the girls from the crazy baby goats. A couple jumped up on Charlotte (hooves on shoulders) and almost knocked her over. And the others were obsessed with Molly. They completely (not exaggerating at all) soaked Molly's shirt and pants as they tried to eat her clothes to get at the bottle. It was hard to both protect the girls and stop laughing at the ridiculousness of the predicament. Therefore: no pictures.

But, then we went to the playground, and Charlotte rode a turtle.

And, Molly rode a squirrel.

Next up, we had to get haircuts to get ready for school. Charlotte is perfect at sitting for hair cuts now. Both girls love going.
The hairstylist braided Molly's hair in a special way, and now Molly wants me to braid her hair that way for her first day of kindergarten. Um, crap. 

Look at that. Not a tear in sight!
Then, we met up with Gigi at Costco to shop for food for Molly's school lunches. I will admit, I did get a little teary thinking about packing her lunches. I did not let her see me, though the other random people at Costco probably thought I was as crazy as those goats!

Molly said, "I'm holding a watermelon!" and I had to take a picture for my Dirty Dancing-loving self. "I carried a wantermelon?!?" It just makes me smile, though Molly really wasn't sure why I was insisting on capturing this moment.

Sisterly love. Can't beat that. 

Looking at that picture makes me a little teary right now. Ugh. I'm a mess.


  1. Oh, Amy! maybe you need to have your dad prescribe something to chill you out on that first day. Do you have the big sunglasses ready?

    It looks like a great day with the girls. You can totally do that braid. I'm sure you can find a tutorial on Pinterest :)

  2. Oh and one Easter trip let's actually go to Deanna Rose. We've only planned it for 3 years, right?

  3. Yes Molly, I did attend a one room school house but in my school we each did have our own desk :) Hugs to all (oh and Amy, I'll bring you a tissue box but don't use them all at once, they will be needed for all the firsts to come...) Love you, Mom

  4. What a fun day! And I can't believe you are already going to be packing lunches for Molly! Wasn't she just baptized yesterday? :-). She is so grown up.....and I am sure you can do that braid. Molly, yes Gigi did go to a one room schoolhouse! I think it might be a good idea to buy stock in Kleenex! :-). However, it will be fun having some one on one time with Charlotte! Good luck! Love you all!