Thursday, March 3, 2011

A little household division

We live in a house divided. Anyone who is married will probably say, at one time or another, that their house has been divided, too. About finances, politics, child-rearing philosophies, different standards of cleanliness. Lots of issues can cause divisions in households. Ours, in particular, is our different alma maters. Nothing big or marriage-shaking in the grand scheme of things. (Though the fact that my team lost to his on Valentine's Day didn't really do anything to help our marriage.) We are very tolerant of each other's cheering. I will root for his team as long as they aren't playing mine, and vice versa. It helps that I don't much care for football. Basketball, however, is another subject entirely.

Cory went to Kansas State University, but you see, my alma mater is the University of Kansas. Home to the Jayhawks, and one of the most successful and prestigious basketball programs in the country. Ok, so I am a huge basketball fan. I am also a third-generation Jayhawk. My grandpa was in a class with Wilt Chamberlain, for God's sake!

So, when my dad got us tickets to go to the final home game of the season (senior night) in Allen Fieldhouse, I jumped at the chance. (Now, there is a whole other story about the fact that my dad is taking my little brother with him to Final Four this year ... ) It has been a long time since I went to a game in person at Allen. So long, in fact, that I honestly cannot remember when it was. I realized, as we drove to Lawrence, that I am coming up on nine years since graduation. And, now I feel extremely old. Yeesh.

While sitting up in the nosebleed section at mid-court between my dad and Cory (see, I told you we're good sports about each other's teams), I noticed some things about being old and going back to alma mater:

1. I really enjoy sitting. As students, we would stand for practically the entire game. And, I am all for jumping up and getting loud when necessary or when the excitement of a play warrants, but for the majority of the game, I enjoy having a place to sit my behind.

2. Speaking of behinds -- how is it possible that mine is smaller than my shoulders? Has anyone else noticed this? We are all squished together on bench seating, with absolutely no space to spare, but for some reason, I am forced to lean forward because my shoulders don't fit. My butt's fine; it fits in its tiny little spot (not saying my butt is tiny, just that the space they designate for a 'seat' is ridiculously small), but my shoulders do not. Maybe it has something to do with sitting between two guys, but whatever the reason, it's not entirely comfortable to sit leaning forward for almost three hours.

3. I can completely see the reason behind the dorky radios the old men wear while at the games. When I was younger, I just thought they were so ridiculous looking. But, I now see the genius behind them. I will admit, sometimes, I get a little distracted during games. (Watching the crowd, reading signs, laughing at Big Jay and Little Jay's antics, watching the Crimson Girls Rock Chalk Dancers)  Then, all of a sudden, the crowd starts making a ruckus, booing, cheering, and I don't have a clue what just happened. It would be so convenient to have that little radio voice telling me who got called for what foul. I still don't think that I can put aside my vanity to wear them, though.

Me and my sweet tea!
4. I was ridiculously excited that they served McAllister's Sweet Tea at Allen Fieldhouse. It was delicious, and I even got a handy dandy collector's cup. All for the low, low price of $5.

5. Why is it that of all the people who can possibly sit in front of you, you have to get the one guy who is literally (and I mean literally, not the Rachel Zoe form of the word) just as tall as you are while he's standing at least a foot lower on his row. It's gotta be some kind of version of Murphy's Law.

6. Games are SO much more fun in person. The memories had gotten a little hazy since it had been so long, but they came back full-force last night. So much excitement; such a good time.

So, thanks, Dad! I had a blast. And, I've almost completely forgiven you for choosing to take your youngest son (instead of the one child who attend KU) with you to the Final Four. :)
Pardon the poor quality, my phone battery was about to die. It's me and my dad.

And, as a bonus for everyone, here is Molly showing off her Rock Chalk chant skills. (I will admit, she can also do the KSU cheer, but it's my blog, so I only have to show off the videos I want.)


  1. What a wonderful picture of you and your Dad.....and, yes, your Uncle Dwight was one of those old men that wore the earphones/radio to the UofA football games.....but the best was the first game we went to when we moved back to Tucson. We used the bus to go and not have to hassle with the parking. As we got off the bus he said, "I remember joking about the ol' geezers getting off the bus and, NOW, I AM ONE!!!" :-) Going back to the ol' alma mater is great fun! And of course seeing Molly doing the chant is too adorable!

  2. Ok, Aunt Jan, I can totally see Uncle Dwight wearing those headphones!

  3. I have to agree with # 8. I mean really, what are the chances every time I go to a sporting event that someone taller than me is smack dab in front of me. It has happened at all 3 sporting events I've ever attended :)

    Penelope almost has the jay hawk cheer perfected. We've watched the video about 2 dozen times...

  4. Oh, Laura, it makes me so happy to spread the KU-love all the way up to Minnesota! Way to go, Penelope! :)

  5. You can now find the KSU cheer on my Facebook page.