Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An ode* to Little Debbie

Oh, Little Debbie snack cakes, why do you hold such power over me? I know you are no good for me. In fact, I'm pretty sure you have no nutritional value whatsoever. But, that does not change your deliciousness.

You call out to me from the end cap at Target. "It's only six weeks away from Easter, you must buy the Easter Basket Snack Cakes immediately!" I try with all my might to resist. But, the effort is futile. My hand reaches for that box and places it in my basket as if it were being controlled by an alien life form. Not me. I wouldn't buy that! Isn't this supposed to be targeted toward kids? Surely it is not being geared to tempt a 30-year-old mother. Surely a 30-year-old mother would make better choices for her household.

It sits in my cupboard, taunting me. I, again, try to resist. I will make healthy choices. I will have a snack of veggies. Or yogurt. Or an apple. Anything. Please, anything else. "I'm hungry," Molly says. "Let's have carrots and raisins," I say. Yes! Score one for me. We eat a healthy snack. It's nice outside, let's go outside and play. I put distance between me and my temptation. But, we have to come back inside eventually.

It's nap time. I put the girls to bed. It's just me and the snack cakes, now. I can't hold on any longer. Their power is overwhelming. I can't stop thinking about their processed, sugary, creamy, cakey goodness. Unable to stop myself, I open the cupboard doors. There they sit in all their glory. As if lit from behind, the box shines down at me. I can hear the Hallelujah chorus singing. It is beautiful.

I open the box and take out a package. With anticipation, I open the crinkly plastic wrapping. To the couch we go. I sink down into the cushions. I take a bite. Ahhhhhhhhh. Just as delicious as I remembered. Heaven. I tell myself that I wait for nap time so Molly won't see me making a poor snack choice. But, in reality, it's probably more about me not having to share. I eat the whole snack cake. All by myself.

I will run tomorrow, but today, right now, I revel in the delectable, delightful, scrumptiousness of the Little Debbie snack cake. And, it is good.

* I know this isn't actually an 'ode,' but I don't do poetry. Just go with me for a more liberal meaning of the term.

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  1. :-) So true.......but, isn't one of the better things about having to play grown up is to make bad food choices once in a while???????