Sunday, March 13, 2011

'Laff'ing all the way home

The writer of this blog actually had an evening out on the town with the hubby this weekend! We went to dinner and a comedy club to see the favorite comedian of one of our friends. I was excited to get out and put on make-up and jewelry. There were several of us going, so we could have lots of adult conversations. I was looking forward to enjoying a lot of 'laff's.

Well, something happened along the way.

I discovered that a lot of comedy is subject to taste. I've known this, really, all along, but it was quite apparent last night. And, apparently, my taste is not so much meshing with that of Jim Jefferies. He's an Australian comic whose jokes were, to me, fairly vulgar, profane and offensive. Curt (who convinced us all to go to the show) swears that he didn't know that Jefferies was quite as out there as he was. He'd never seen him in person before. (And, no, Curt, I'm not mad at you!) The one thing that was funny was how we all agreed that he'd have been even worse if not for the accent. It's amazing how almost anything can sound better with an accent. Almost anything. Even his accent didn't save his comedy for me.

Apparently, my tastes run more to the Ellen DeGeneres/Modern Family/The Middle style of comedy -- funny, clean, daily life observational. And, I'm not ashamed to admit it. Perhaps that's why I think the things in my own life are so funny. Usually they are about my kids or friends, neither of which are particularly vulgar or profane. (I guess this should be fairly obvious to me considering the title of my own blog.) So, to clean my mind from the comedy show, I decided to put together a list of the funny, clean, daily life observational things I found recently from my own life. I know I'm not a comedian, and you might not think my tidbits are funny at all, but that's ok, 'cause we all have our own tastes. Maybe you would enjoy Jefferies. Some people must; he's clearly doing well for himself.

So, here we go:

  • Molly telling the babysitter (my friend Katie and fellow blogger) that she had gotten married to Connor because he gave her flowers. Apparently, that's all it takes to win my 3-year-old's heart. Flowers. Although, to be fair, her mom also loves flowers (hint, hint, hubby ... ). Katie's fiance was amazed that was all it took. I guess he put in more effort wooing Katie. Silly Brandon, he should've known.
  • Charlotte has started copying all things Molly. The latest -- saying "YUM" while eating. Ok, this doesn't sound as funny on paper (screen?), but it's really funny in person.
  • Molly waking up from her nap the other day and proclaiming, "I am getting old, Mommy. My muscles are tired; I think I need to rest some more." I'm sure she never heard that from me while I was training for my marathon.
  • Our friends Tara and Pawan's son Kevi.  Kevi: I saw a reindeer last night. Pawan: Really? Do you like reindeer? Kevi: Naah! I only like clouddeer. That Kevi cracks me up.
  • Molly finding my bra, putting it on and prancing around the bedroom. I didn't take pictures because, well, I was laughing too hard, but trust me, it was hysterical. She also proclaimed she wanted a bra and swim panties to go to the pool. "A bikini?" I asked. "Yes!" she said. "Not happening," daddy said.
  • Molly watching this video of herself and laughing manically at her baby self.

  • Molly and Charlotte dancing head-banging in the car. Warning: the video was taken in a moving car, so the quality isn't great, but you can still get the general idea.

  • And, this last picture is just one of my favorite Molly pictures of all time because it makes me laugh every single time I see it. 
Not quite 2, and clearly exhausted from a baby marathon.  Maybe that's why her muscles were so tired.
So, there you have it. I know I'm no Ellen, but now that you have my list, what/who is it you find funny?


  1. I am so glad that you don't like the vulgar stuff tastes are definitely more like yours! I especially love that Molly thinks she is getting old since her muscles are tired! The videos are the have a couple of cute headbangers there......and that is also one of my favorite all time Molly pictures!!! I'm sure she won't agree in a few years!;-)

  2. I can go about as far as Robin Williams stand up before I start getting uncomfortable. I'm a big Modern Family fan too.
    And I have a few things to say about your list.
    1. Does the "hint hint" in the blog really work? Chris does not read our blog at all. I have to pretty much nag him and stand over him if I want him to read a post. I'm very impressed if Cory takes an active reader part in your blog!
    2. I had to say the clouddeer thing out loud to get it and then I started laughing. Hey, it was 5:30 this morning and that was really 4:30 because of silly daylight savings time.
    3. Tell Molly she can have one bikini when she is under your roof. Get it for her this summer and then when she is older say "sorry, you had your bikini when you were 3. Only 1 pieces, honey"
    4. That Molly video is still hilarious. And where'd those baby cheeks go?! Penny loved the videos too. With the car video she started dancing, then pointed at the computer and said "where's Penny?!" She obviously thought if there was that much fun going on, she should have been there!