Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Two mini models

A couple weeks ago, Cory and I sat together in a dark auditorium while tears filled our eyes. But, no worries. It was in a good way. And, if you know Cory, you know how very, very rare it is that there would be tears anywhere near his eyeballs. 

But, see, for the third year in a row, Molly was participating in the JCCC student fashion show. (Other shows are here and here. You can see how much she's grown, and you'll probably start crying, too. Ok, maybe that's just me.)

Cory's mom is the head of the fashion merchandising department, so we've kind of got an inside track to the modeling world. The past two years, Molly's walked in the "Little Dresses for Africa" segment of the fashion show, donning dresses made by students for the charity that sends dresses to African girls.

This year, as she is the ripe old age of 5, Molly got to model in two different segments. One of the student designers was designing a bridal collection. And, who better to be a flower girl than Molly? (Seriously, she would be an adorable flower girl, but this might be her only shot. She's getting older and no one is getting married! Hint, hint.)

Molly was very excited to be in the fashion show, especially when she learned that she got to miss school for the noon show. (I was a little hesitant about letting her miss school because I am anal that way, but, because it was her first time of missing any school, Cory convinced me that it was probably ok.)

At the rehearsal the week before, Cory's mom asked if Charlotte would like to walk in the "Little Dresses for Africa" segment. I was sure there would be no way she would agree. And, she proved me right. At first. Then, Mommmom pulled out the dress she would wear. And, it had puppies on it (some of the 101 dalmations as a matter of fact). From that moment on, she was sold. I still wasn't certain she would actually walk on the stage, but we figured we'd let her try. 

Unfortunately, we'd already agreed to go to a fundraiser dinner that took place at the same exact time as the evening show, but Cory and I were still going to be able to make it to the noon show. No way was I missing my babies walk across the stage.

At rehearsal. Practicing their waves.

Charlotte and Molly with Mommom before the show.
Charlotte sat with Cory and I in the audience for most of the show. Then, Cory's mom came and got her to take her backstage for the Africa dresses. Molly stayed backstage the whole time and even managed a costume change. She's getting to be such a big girl.

Walking in the bridal collection show.

Molly may have forgotten all the "smile" memos I sent her.
She did wave.
Ah, there's a smile!
Walking with the whole collection.
Seriously, a cute flower girl, no?
After the bridal collection show went off without a hitch, Cory's mom came to get Charlotte. So, remember how I wasn't backstage to help them change, right? Ok, you can now look at Charlotte's socks and shoes:

The only way Charlotte would agree to walk onstage was if she was holding Molly's hand.
Yes, she is wearing mismatched socks and ratty old tennis shoes.
This time, they both got the waving memo!
They were by far the youngest models. They did great and got a lot of compliments afterward from people whom I'm sure did not think they'd be able to do it.

Love the hand holding.

For the evening show, we sent Charlotte in matching socks and dress shoes.

And, here's where the tears started. It was just one of the sweetest things I've seen.

My girls. Love.

At this point, I was kind of a blubbery mess. I'm not sure if it was just the sight of my two little girls walking up there all by themselves. Or, if it was the fact that Charlotte was so nervous, but she did it anyway. Or, maybe it was that they did it together. Holding hands. Sisters, helping each to do something scary. That's all I can ask and want for my girls' relationship. I'm such a proud mom. (And, yes, I think Cory might kill me for telling everyone that he had tears in his eyes. Whoops. Sorry!)

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